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Quality Policy

As one of the leading Construction Cost Consultants in China, Hong Kong and internationally, Northcroft offers specialist expertise in all aspects of Project and Cost Management of construction projects.

Northcroft offers a high level of independent financial and contractual advice to clients. We adopt a positive and pro-active approach to achieving our clients' aims.

Our core values of professionalism, commitment to our clients and our objective to deliver a quality service are reflected on all the commission of our services.

Client requirements are reviewed continually throughout the lift of a commission, ensuring adequate resourcing and adherence to programme commitments.

An effective Quality Management System based on the requirements of ISO9001:2008 is an essential element within the management of Northcroft. The system facilitates the effective delivery of services to our clients and provides for achievable objectives to be set.

We are committed to the principles of continual performance improvement in our services and regular management reviews to ensure both the continued relevance and implementation of the Quality Management System within Northcroft.

This Quality Manual defines the basis of the Northcroft's Quality Management System. Detailed operating procedures ensuring compliance with the standard are contained in the office manual and are available for inspection on request by clients.